Discovering discovery
I’ve spent the last few years focusing on what discovery means to me. I’ve been discovering discovery, let’s say.
Once I made the conscious decision to ensure a refreshed sense of discovery in my life, it made me look to life through a cleaned lens, so to speak. A common metaphor of ‘changing the lens’ for which we see life through didn’t quite resonate with me. I felt like I had only one lens and it just gets slightly tarnished with the rigorous strain I put upon it to see so much. Or on the contrary, it becomes dusty and muted through not enough use!
My ability to utilise this one single lens has made me realise I am one, I’m complete and have only one particular outlook on life at one single time. The things I felt were missing just weren’t in view at that time. I was looking at a life of satisfactory measure and not seeing the parts that fulfilled me.
It can however change, this outlook on life, and that’s the beauty of discovery. It’s with this one lens we are able to adjust our focus, alter the angle and point in which ever direction we feel fit.
Beliefs, principles, expectations, they all started to become secondary to what was the main focus, which was ‘going on impulse’: What felt truly connected, right, and instinctive.
"I was looking at a life of satisfactory measure and
not seeing the parts that fulfilled me."
I needed a new perspective at certain times, and trying to change the ‘lens’ through which I looked for this perspective wasn’t the way it was going to work for me. I could however look at things from a different angle and gain a new perspective from this new position.
I have realised through more awareness of discovery just exactly how I have 'performed’ in life, and to whom I have performed.
During a lightbulb moment through a career transition, I felt like I’d dismissed a lot of my self in the years leading to that moment, and it was from then on that I decided to include myself fully in all of my endeavours - And how to do this felt like one of my greatest discoveries so far.
I want to show you how I have done this in the hope you can do the same. Through tailored 1-1 sessions I offer the opportunity I experienced and still experience, that is allowing a deeper, safer, more contained space to discover more about yourself and what potential you hold deep under layers that’ve been built upon over years of patterns and conditioning that no longer serve you fully.
Want know more about how that looks? Head over to the ‘My Why’ page and read my full experience there, or reach out to me and let me know what you're searching for. I'm happy to help you along the way.