How it works
Translating your story to the relevance of today
Inline with your uniqueness and individual story, I aim to keep this theme when working one on one together. I have a frame work for how it can look, but there is always room for navigating what feels right for you on this process and tailoring the trajectory to what feels deeply resonant for and meets your needs.
Intake session
This is the first port of contact for the two of us. (Other than the contact to arrange the time to meet for this appointment) We'll dive right into the ambition that brought you to this point, what and why you felt to work with me one-on-one, which allows me an insight into how I see us potentially working together.
Discovery sessions
Since how I work is based a lot around realising your freedom, we start to go deeper into how your journey to freedom will look. (How it feels will come later) We'll start tapping into what 'acceptance' means to you and how you can discover and unfold new layers of acceptance, while understanding the commitment these sessions will require from yourself.

We identify exactly who you are embarking on this journey for - YOU, while gaining an understanding into what drives you and what triggers you along the way.
A look into what you value in life, why and how you shaped those values to what they stand for today, what has influenced them and what their true origin is.

Realise that its not what you get out of these sessions but it’s what you put in to them that will have a greater impact. 
Typically lasting 60 mins
We'll talk about how you have met the blocks that are preventing you from your true freedom, regroup with the context of what your true passions are and start to appreciate how a different angle for how you look at your day to day can be a real turning point in the direction to start experiencing more freedom to express who you truly are.
"A look into what you value in life, why and how you shaped those values to what they stand for today"
I feel everyone has access to personal freedom.
So what is it that I call personal freedom?

I see it as a sense of empowerment over our choices, our path in life, and our role here on earth. A lot of times however, we can be unaware of it. Your personal access to freedom, connecting deeply to yourself and who you truly are, doesn’t necessarily come from directly achieving something. For example, a new job, a new relationship, a new business, a new career. I see these examples as a byproduct of the initial acceptance and access to your deeper personal freedom. It’s the reward you receive when you've gained a wider awareness for what you already have. It's what comes when you realise who you truly are and how you can truly offer who you are - to the world.

You can move more freely towards these achievements when you have uncovered that layer of acceptance and discover the new layers of what you have on offer in life. 

There will be a lot around feeling rather than doing. Feeling the access to freedom and feeling the acceptance of what you have previously set aside, rather than setting goals to achieve those qualities.

There seems to be a quality that feels like an upgrade in your life when you access that deeper authenticity you might have been burying away for whatever reason through conditioning and patterns.

Realising your freedom and having total acceptance of your full self will bring flow and calm to your life and a stronger sense of ambition over what can have an impact on how this discovery will come to fruition. It requires an open mind in order to open your heart, and it works only when you truly commit to your growth of awareness and self development.